Friday, July 07, 2006

VINCENT- The French Bluesman

VINCENT PERFORMING: Cover of Son House's Preaching Blues

Now that it's July with its long humid days and the lazy Mississippi flows slowly by, we felt it was perfect weather to feature some blues to help beat the heat. Were we suprised to find this soulful musician originating not from down south but in France! Going only by Vincent he is quite modest about his talent.

"I'm a french guy who plays in public just as an amateur. I play just small gigs, about one per month for 2 years now...I'll be however invited this year in a small blues festival here in France!"

Congratulations Vincent. However, whats even more amazing about vincent.. is that the guitar seen in the clip was made by Vincent himself.. from a woodbodied guitar kit. Its name the Vleb-O-Nator and it is a replica of a 1929 triolian National guitar.

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Check out the process of Vincents Vleb-O-Meter from start to Finish!

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

LARRY WRIGHT - Drumming Impresario

I know this is not from a webcam however from time to time we make an exception.

For at least the past 16 years New Yorkers have been entertained and amazed by Larry Wright an incredibly electrifying drummer. To say He is a bucket drummer who makes a good living playing in the subways in NYC is an understatement. At age 2 he was already hitting things; at 5 he discovered his instrument, learning to get more sound out of a bucket than most drummers with a full kit. Larry Wright has had some breaks as he was in a levis commerical, and in Alicia Key's "Karma" video.

A couple notes:

watch his sticks; identify the fulcrum point, then think of the short strokes of Serrada.
Notice they don't come back too far, moving from vertical to horizontal with great precision. See how relaxed his wrists are. Same for his shoulders. Notice his upper arms hang naturally. His concentration is complete. He has full control of speed, power, tempo and rythm. ( Above Excerpt from Stickmans Escrima Blog )

So, if your heading to the Bronx keep an eye out for Larry Wright. If you do find him stop, breathe and take a moment to enjoy his talent

Favorite Busking Spots:
Times Square and 34th Street subway stations; in front of the Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, between 45th and 46th Streets.

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New York Magazine

Friday, June 30, 2006

MOOT BOOXLE - On the Improv Tip!

Moot Booxle is one artist that creates experimental music to push boundries! In fact you may want to call him an electronic explorer. As he puts it "These sounds were intended for more cerebral listening, preferably with headphones. But then again, you can listen to it how ever you want. I don't really care."

The instrument Moot Booxle is playing is an instrument called a modular analogue synthesizer made poplular back during the day by such artists as Brian Eno (when he was with Roxy Music), The Who, and Todd Rundgren, among many others. A well-known example of its use is on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, as well as "Welcome to the Machine" from their 1975 album, Wish You Were Here.

Moot list's his influences as experimental composers John cage, Morton Subotnick and Dick Hyman." However all synth music can be traced back to one Musical inventor Dr. Robert Moog Inventor of Moog Music.

So, Although it may not be right for your next college Kegger or that dinner party with the in-laws, you have to admire Moot Booxle's improvisational skills. why dont you sit back, close your eyes and take it in all that cerebral madness.

More info about this artist:


Eric Michael Hopper or better known by EMH to his fans began his musical journey at the age of six when he discovered the keys of a piano. From there, he never looked back. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Eric's experiences would inevitably find themselves embedded in song. Over the years, he became the frontman and writer for several bands, where he began playing guitar. His latest band was touted as one of VH1's and Musician Magazine's Top 10 Unsigned bands in America. In 2001, Eric began working as a solo artist, in which he has carefully crafted an entirely new arsenal of inspiring and moving songs out of his home studio in Buford, Georgia. He is currently releasing his solo album entitled "Cross Over".

Hey record execs.. check out this numbers! Eric Michael Hopper currently holds the #1 spot on the myspace music country chart out of over 22,000 artists and has consistently maintained this position for over 8 months. Now thats a lot of country! He has also at one point reached the #4 position on the pop chart out of over 80,000 artists, and #10 of all artists and genres of over 1.3 million artists worldwide, again showing his diversity in appeal to mutiple genres of music. The inspiration for the record is mirrored in every track by his true-life struggle and journey.

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